A pre-event consult is set in place so that we get an opportunity to meet and talk about your wedding and expectations before the big day arrives.

As your Chattanooga Wedding Photographer, there are number of things that are super important.

  1. We will talk about the timeline of your wedding day and how your schedule is planned.
  2. We will decide when we are going to do the family formals and if you are having a first look
  3. We will arrange what time I need to arrive and where and when I will be leaving and any addition of hours to your package.
  4. We will discuss where we will meet at the venue or the getting ready location
  5. and forty-five other important details we need to know.

Don’t worry, I have a worksheet that will walk us through all of this in a super simple way.

If you have any questions for me, this pre-consult would be the perfect time to ask. This consult is also a good time to chat and get to know one another, especially if you don’t have an engagement session planned.

Ultimately, this pre-event consult is super important so you will feel more comfortable with me on your wedding day.

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