Planning a Chattanooga Wedding

Planning a Chattanooga Wedding can prove to be stressful and overwhelming. Read through these tips and ideas in order to plan your wedding with less stress and more organization – at least when it comes to planning the photography side of your wedding!

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Planning a Chattanooga Wedding

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to how to hire a wedding photographer, I understand your frustration. There are dozens of options for a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer, and lots of variations in what each one offers. Hopefully this article sheds some light on how to hire a wedding photographer for you.



How Many Hours do you Need a Photographer

One of my most frequently asked questions is: How Many Hours Do I Need a Wedding Photographer for? This is a great question, and we’re here to help you find the answer.




The Importance to Two Photographers

The second photographer is called a second shooter. A second shooter is an additional photographer who is there to cover the wedding as well, working under my direction. I highly recommend having two wedding photographers for the following reasons.



What is an Unplugged Wedding

The idea, is that you want your guests to be present at the ceremony and pay attention to the words and the rituals that are so important to you. You want to look out into the crowd and see faces, not devices.




What is a First Look

In my professional opinion as a wedding photographer, I think they are an excellent idea. I love first looks. I know that they are a tad bit ‘untraditional,’ but let me take a minute to explain the benefits of a first look.




What to do if you Don’t Want a First Look

If you want to go the more traditional route and don’t want a first look that’s totally ok! But, you have to think about the time needed after your ceremony for family photos. Here are the minimum times you will need to schedule out for photos after the ceremony.



Do you Need a Makeup Artist

I know that you’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding and you’re trying to see where you can save money. So the question is, “Do I need a Makeup Artist for My Wedding?” Yes, here’s why.

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