Things to remember when trying to incorporate hobbies into your engagement session.

Incorporate Hobbies Into Your Engagement Session

Clothing– If you are super into sports, you can dress up in your favorite team’s jerseys or other team swag. If you’re having a vintage wedding, you can go along with that theme with your attire. If you like to dress up and go dancing, you can dress the part in your photos. Use your clothing to express your interests and hobbies as a couple. PRO TIP: Make sure that you also take photos in normal clothing, too!

Props – Bringing props is going to be the easiest way to incorporate your hobbies into your session. It could be a guitar, a Scrabble game, your bikes, some paint for a colorful, messy session, etc. Bring your pets, take your boat for a spin around the lake, pack a picnic…the possibilities are endless. PRO TIP: Only choose one or two things. A session with 10 ‘prop’ themes is going to get overwhelming and extend the session exponentially.

Location– Another way that you can incorporate hobbies into your engagement session is to think about locations that have significance to you. Where did you meet? Where did he propose? Where is your wedding going to take place? We can go to the lake, a sports stadium, the theater, your favorite bar or park, a hotel, the fair, etc. Think about places you love to hang out together. We’re open to ideas here, so just let us know what you’re thinking! PRO TIP: Make a list and bring it to your consultation with your photographer and use their expertise to help you narrow down the list!

I hope this helps you to incorporate hobbies into your engagement session! If you ever have any questions, just ask me! And if you’re looking for an engagement or wedding photographer, I’d love to chat!

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