Family Pics for the Careathers Family

These beautiful family pics of the Careathers family were so much fun to do! Ashley said that they never had family pictures made, but you for sure can’t tell! They are so photogenic, and their children are so beyond well behaved. it makes my heart super happy to have gotten to capture their first family pictures!

For their family pics, we met at my studio in Cambridge Square in Ooltewah, a cute little town just outside of Chattanooga. We took a short walk over to the field next door and hung out in the shade under a pretty tree. It’s quickly becoming my favorite spot for family pictures!

I spent some time photographing the whole family, of course, but I also did little breakdowns. I photographed each child as well as mom and dad alone too. Mama’s and Daddy’s deserve pretty pictures, too, ya know!

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Now check out these gorgeous family pics of the Careathers Family and let me know what you think in the comments!

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