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The Adams Family Photography Session was so much fun! They met me at my Studio in Cambridge Square in Ooltewah for their family photo session, so we walked over to the little field next door! 

Their oldest daughter, Shelby was so much fun! She is named after the Shelby Mustang because her dad is such a big fan which is super cool because we just bought one ourselves! So, of course we instantly clicked and now we are all best friends, lol.

Aspen, the baby, I tried to take home with me. Her parents wouldn’t let me, so I had to settle for a selfie with her. But, oh my goodness, that baby was the happiest baby I’ve ever met! (And I have 4 kids so that’s saying a lot!)

We did all of the sweet little breakdowns during their family photography session: the whole family, just mom and dad, the sisters together, each girl on their own and of course each parent with those beautiful girls.

I was even able to capture some of the girls playing in the grass together while mom and I talked about how beautiful these pictures were coming out!

This family photography session is probably one of my favorites to date! The beautiful weather, golden hour sunshine and some of the prettiest little girls ever!

So, now that I’ve thoroughly introduced this sweet family, who drove all the way from Georgia to meet with me, check out their family photography images:

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