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Not only are you creating a beautiful gift for your favorite human being, but you’re giving yourself the gift of self confidence and empowerment.

Every woman that has come through my studio, regardless of size or age, has walked away with more pep in her step and a much healthier self image. 

Stacie G.
Stacie G.
Boudoir Review
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I had a wonderful experience with Jennifer! I was so nervous to do my boudoir photo shoot, but after meeting her and talking to her I felt so much better and comfortable with her. She made me feel so much more confident in my own skin ! This was something I really needed and I’m so glad that Jennifer was the one to do these for me, I highly recommend her and her hair and Makeup artist, who was absolutely amazing too and done a wonderful job! I left the studio with a whole new outlook on myself and I’m so happy I done this.

What To Expect

❤️ Each boudoir session is held in a private second floor studio in Cambridge Square, Ooltewah. 

❤️ The photographers team is 100% female (photographer, assistant & makeup artist).

❤️ Hair & Makeup by a celebrity makeup artist is included in the free session.

❤️ The session will last up to three hours with unlimited outfit changes.

❤️ Images will be ready to view in one week or less!

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Chattanooga Photographer

Jennifer is a published, five star rated photographer serving the greater Chattanooga area with bright, vibrant imagery. 

She understands the weight women feel to look ‘perfect’ all the time and thoroughly enjoys showing women that they are beautiful just the way they are.

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