Display Engagement Photos at Home and keep the love story alive well after you’ve said “yes”!

Here is some inspiration for you to use when it comes to planning your display!

Tips to Display Engagement Photos at Home

  1. Balance the artwork. This not only applies to the space in which you are putting it and the size and shape of the images, but it also applies to the coloring in the photograph, the composition of the photograph and the emotion in each one.
  2. Don’t over-fill the space. Artwork that is too big for the space will make it look gaudy or overdone and will not be aesthetically appealing.
  3. Don’t under-fill the space. This is probably the biggest issue I see. Art pieces that are too small look unfinished and low-end. A good rule of thumb here is that you need to be able to see it well and enjoy it while sitting in any of the furniture in the room. (PS – an 8×10 is too small).
  4. Ask your photographer! A professional photographer will be able to tell you what pieces will be balanced, and fill the space correctly.

I am more than happy to help you find what fits your space best and helping you to install the new artwork!

If you’re still looking for an engagement photographer, I’d love to chat!

Display engagement photos at home in bedroom
Display engagement photos at home over fireplace
Display engagement photos at home in dining room

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