Why a First Look is a Good Idea

First, what is a first look? A first look is a private moment, approximately 20 minutes, set aside right before the ceremony to see each other. This goes against the tradition of your groom seeing you at the ceremony, but don’t count it out just yet. Read on to find out how a first look […]

Timing The Engagement Session

When planning and timing the engagement session, you want to get the timing just right and there are many factors to consider during this process. Here’s a list of things you need to take into consideration when picking a session date: If you are going to display your engagement photos at your wedding, and you […]

Do I need a Makeup Artist for my Wedding

As a Chattanooga wedding photographer, I know that you’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding and you’re trying to see where you can save money. So the question is Do I need a Makeup Artist for My Wedding? Yes. You’ve made a big investment in photography (and possibly videography as well) to help capture […]

Incorporate Hobbies Into Your Engagement Session

Things to remember when trying to incorporate hobbies into your engagement session. Clothing– If you are super into sports, you can dress up in your favorite team’s jerseys or other team swag. If you’re having a vintage wedding, you can go along with that theme with your attire. If you like to dress up and […]

How Many Hours Do I Need a Wedding Photographer

As a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer, one of my most frequently asked questions is: How Many Hours Do I Need a Wedding Photographer for? This is a great question, and we’re here to help you find the answer. What do you want covered? First, you need to decide what important details you want covered. Do you want […]

Barn Wedding Venue: Zach + Emily’s Wedding

Zach and Emily got married at a local barn wedding venue, the Gray Dove in a gorgeous ceremony at the bottom of the hill looking up at the barn. The Gray Dove is a gorgeous barn wedding venue. It is a family farm owned by the Cain Family. The farm is an actual working farm […]

How To Hire A Wedding Photographer

When it comes to how to hire a wedding photographer, I understand your frustration. There are dozens of options for a Chattanooga Wedding Photographer, and lots of variations in what each one offers. Hopefully this article sheds some light on how to hire a wedding photographer for you. Part #1: Research The best way to know […]

Preparing Your Fiancé for Your Engagement Session

Are you stressing out about your upcoming engagement session? Not sure if your fiancé is going to enjoy it or want to participate? Check out these tips for Preparing Your Fiancé for Your Engagement Session. Make it worth his while. Motivate him in whatever way you think will make him want to participate in your session. […]

An Unplugged Wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you ask your guests to turn off their phones, cameras, tablets, and other mobile devices during your ceremony. Some clients have even gone as far as collecting them in a basket at the door so that people won’t break the rule. The idea, is that you want your guests to […]

5 Tips For The Best Engagement Photos

Getting ready for your engagement session? If you need some extra tips, check out these 5 Tips For The Best Engagement Photos we created just for you! Dress for the season. Think about the season as you prepare for your e-session. If it’s summer, make sure to dress appropriately so you and your fiancé aren’t getting […]