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Give her the gift of Confidence & Empowerment

Save over $100 when you book her Boudoir Experience before Christmas!

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Are you looking for a unique & memorable gift that she’ll remember forever?

You’re in the right place.

Why Book Her A Boudoir Experience?

Of course, you’ll get something out of it, because who doesn’t want sexy pictures of the love of their life, but it is so much more than that! 

Make her feel as sexy and beautiful as you see her every day! She sees 10 pounds to lose, you see a beautiful woman. She sees dark circles and exhaustion,  you see the love of your life working hard for your family.

Boost her confidence and watch her walk away immensely empowered. Every single client walks away feeling like a new woman. Here is a recent review: “Had a wonderful experience with Jennifer ! I was so nervous to do my boudoir photo shoot, but after meeting her and talking to her I felt so much better and comfortable with her. She made me feel so much more confident in my own skin ! This was something I really needed and I’m so glad that Jennifer was the one to do these for me, I highly recommend her and her hair and Makeup artist, who was absolutely amazing too and done a wonderful job! I left the studio with a whole new outlook on myself and I’m so happy I did this.” -Stacie.

Completely pamper her with a ‘Queen for the Day’ experience. A glass of wine, hair & makeup, and an empowering photoshoot make this experience one that she’ll never forget!

This boudoir experience is more thoughtful than jewelry or a new purse. This experience shows how much you value her and her contributions to your family. Any guy can buy a purse. Be the guy that gives her a gift showing her exactly how priceless she is. 

Boudoir Photos keep on giving. These photos are a permanent and lasting reminder that she is 100% worthy, every. single. day

What's Included?

😍 Up to a 4-hour Boudoir Experience 

😍 Wine is provided while she is getting ready

😍 Hair & Makeup is provided enhancing her natural beauty

😍 Up to 5 outfit changes

How do you gift it?

I know what you’re thinking. 

How do you gift this amazing experience to her without it looking like you’re buying something for yourself?

I’ve got you covered ✅

You’re going to receive a beautiful booklet specifically made just for you, outlining what the gift is and why you bought it just for her. 

There are places within the booklet for you to write notes to her to customize it for her. (If you need inspiration, or help, just let me know! We’ll make it perfect!)

When she opens it on Christmas morning, she’ll know that you genuinely bought this for her because you know how beautiful she is and how priceless she is to you. 

Super easy & completely custom, just for her.

How It Works

Click the buy now button on this page and complete the checkout.

I’ll email you with the information to get the booklet and give you any help you need in filling it out.

After she receives the gift, she’ll call or email me to set up her session.

We’ll shoot the session in my private, second floor studio in Cambridge Square in Ooltewah.

About a week after the session, the two of you will come back to the studio to view the images on my big screen TV.

Prints, digitals, and other products are purchased separately at this Reveal. Individual products start at $50 each. The average client spend approximately $1000 and packages (which fluctuate based on sales from the labs) can save up to 50% off of a la carte pricing. 

Meet the Photographer

Chattanooga Photographer

Jennifer is a published, five star rated photographer serving the Chattanooga Area from her studio in Cambridge Square, Ooltewah. 

She has over 14 years of experience in the photography industry across multiple genres.

As a woman herself, she values the boudoir experience and the positive impact it makes on her clients.

Her team is 100% female making the experience comfortable and fun.

If you have any further questions, please email the studio at jennifer@jenandersonphoto.com.